Warwick BNOC 2017 nomination: Sagar Mangla

His flat has enough bottles of Ciroc to fuel a bar in Mayfair

The latest nominee for Warwick BNOC 2017 is third year Management student Sagar Mangla.

Sagar holds an executive position in three societies – he is Events Coordinator for Bollywood Dance society,  Indian society and Management society. But his many friends know him less formally as “Saggy”, his given nickname.

Sagar’s friends say that their flat name has been changed from F32 to C32 (Club 32), because of all the house parties he hosts. He even operates a cloakroom. We were also told that he once made over a thousand pounds in one night by organising an amazing party.

As well as being a great party host, Sagar’s friends have called him “an amazing guy” who is “interactive”, “extroverted” and “very committed to his work.” He hosts popular club events at Altoria and Neon and used to be the ambassador for Tilt.

Funny stories shared by Sagar’s friends include the time he was almost arrested outside Neon. One friend told us: “he threw me his wallet so that the police could not verify his actual name, while he was wearing a t-shirt with his full name printed at the back.” He also apparently once jumped into the lake near Lakeside naked and someone stole his clothes. He had to walk home across campus naked.

When we asked Sagar how it felt to be nominated, he said: “This month has been amazing for me! My exams went so well and I’ll be off for a nice trip in a couple days! But this news just makes everything way better!”

Further nominees will be released soon.