Warwick BNOC 2017 Nomination: Warwick Goose

‘There is not a single student who hasn’t been exposed to the biggest presence on campus’

The latest nominee for Warwick BNOC 2017 is Warwick Goose, a second year on Warwick’s famous Goosology course.

A friend told us he was “the best mate i ever had”, while another was quick to note that “everybody on Campus is honking on about Warwick Goose at the moment.” Some of you told us that he was even “the most recognisable name and aesthetic on campus.”

Warwick Goose’s famous exploits have made him nothing short of a Warwick legend. While he may not have won the SU presidency, we’re told he “won the heart’s and minds of the University populous.” He also turned his head to national politics when he ran as a candidate for Warwick & Leamington’s seat in the recent election. But, at the end of the day the goose isn’t in politics to win. A commenter said it’s his “satire of the current political climate” that makes him so great.

The goose himself, said he was “overwhelmed to be nominated for such a prestigious Warwick award.” In his official statement he said: “I’d like to thank all my supporters throughout this journey, the academy, and most importantly Disco Dave.”

If you think Warwick Goose is the biggest name on campus you can vote for him when voting opens after the nominees are all announced.

Further nominees will be released in the coming days.