Shedding light on Jashnn – Warwick Bollywood Society’s newest night

‘It’s a non-profit event; of the people, for the people, by the people’


Following the success of Bollywood Society’s most recent ‘event experience’ Jashnn, The Tab Warwick wanted to hear more about the nights that everyone has been talking about.

‘Jashnn – Imagine. Experience. Believe.’

What made you start this event at Warwick? How did you create it?

Jashnn was conceived because its founder, who comes from Warwick Bollywood Dance Society, wanted to bring something new to Warwick’s nightlife. It is an attempt to provide the very best to students at the University of Warwick without them having to leave Leamington Spa for cities like London or Birmingham.

Jashnn partners with H20 Lounge for shisha, and Kasbah for face painters. They also have performers from the very best performance societies right in the heart of Leamington including Pole Dancing, Belly Dancing, and Circus at Warwick University.

How many are there in your team?

Sagar Mangle leads a team of 7 including Meet, Nehal, Gunjan, Amaani, Divya and Rajveer. Although, they regularly enlist the help of photographers from Hiders Seekers, filmmakers from BLT Productions and other creative people, including Dhruve and Rihen who are freelance photographers, to help the night look fantastic and capture it all.

How much work is it organising the event?

When asked the events main organiser, Sagar Mangla, said that planning the event is hard work. He had to manage the event, getting performers and a venue. However he thinks studying Management helps him with this. Sagar says his team is really dedicated and his passion for events management helps him work hard.

Who chooses the music?

Jashnn believes while Indians live and breathe Bollywood, the students at Warwick love Bollywood, R&B and favourite chart toppers. They wanted to create a carnival ambiance for the crowd with the help of Bollywood and  favorite chart-toppers.

They prepare a special request list before the event for the DJ, which focuses on all popular demands from the crowd encompassing from Kayne West to Badshah. Jashnn exclusively uses student DJ’s to give the crowd what it wants at the right time.

How many people are you expecting on a night? Has it been successful so far?

Since the start of Jashnn, they have consistently sold out Neon and Altoria with an average for 475 people. Jashnn claims itself to be an exclusive experience with limited availability and sell-outs over a weekend.

What kind of people go to Jashnn?

The nights are generally dominated by Indians, Pakistanis and plenty of NRIs from all across the globe. But the new fusion music theme attracts a lot of other people including English, Romanian and Greek. Sagar says ‘if you like to drink and dance like it’s the end of the world, this is your night.’

‘This is our first Bollywood night and we are having the time of our lives. We never want to graduate’ – Shivanne and Davina (Freshers at Warwick)

What can the next event promise?

The next event will be a Horizon Rooftop party on the 15th of June. As another year at Warwick comes to an end, Jashnn is hosting a rooftop evening party with loads of sunshine and champagne for everyone. Pastel colors, wine coolers, and photo-ops can be expected as well.