All the worst people you will have to put up with during exam season

Including the one who only does revision so that they can put it on their Snapchat story

Exam season is among us and we’re all pretty irritable. We’re in a constant state of stress and procrastinating as much as one human possibly can.

On top of this, exam season is when our friends become the worst versions of themselves. They boast, they moan and it seems like they have always done more revision than you.

If you want some more material to support your growing hatred for your friends, or if you just need something to procrastinate with, then read on.

The snapchatter

Has this person actually been in the library for a full 24 hours, or is that just what their SC story makes it look like? There’s so many snaps. One of all their organised revision material spread out on a desk with a timestamp filter. One of their friends working at their laptop with the caption “still here”, or “working hard or hardly working”, and another one of some perfectly highlighted pages of writing.

I mean we’ve all snapchatted our revision – just so all our friends remember that we’re smart, motivated and hard working individuals. But if your first thought upon revising is “I should Snapchat this”,  you need to check your priorities.

The bragger

Possibly the most irritating person of all who follows a similar pattern as the Snapchatter is the bragger. They send a message to your course mates group chat to ask if anyone has been doing much revision, only so they can tell you they’ve done eight hours worth. However this is almost always done in a backhanded way such as “awwww yeah I only got six hours today I’m so bummed”. They are not bummed. They are smirking at their MacBook screen while you cry in bed post-nap.

The one who says they’ve done n0 revision but have actually done loads

Also known simply as “The Liar”, this person always wants to be in on the exam stress/self-deprecating lifestyle but they’re actually doing shitloads of work. For example: the friend who you genuinely think won’t get 40 per cent messages the chat like “honestly guys I’m so screwed”, and The Liar responds “omg lol same”. No. Not “lol same”. Just fuck off Nancy we all know you’re going to get a First.

This character also reaches their most evil self when it comes to lying about how much they’ve done, just so that other people don’t rush to catch up. They’ll be all like “nah haven’t done anything today”, when they’ve been working all day because if they told the truth then they know you’d do more revision out of panic. This person is rare but a possible psychopath, avoid at all costs.

The one who has literally done nothing

This person is a great friend because they make you feel so much better, but they are also a terrible influence. They don’t even know the dates of their exams. They are a classic type B personality, just drifting through life one day at a time, and they’re always the one who goes out most. “Revision schedule who? Mindmap what?”, they say.

And then the worst part is that this person always ends up getting a really decent grade, purely because of their cramming the night before. You don’t know how they do it but you do know that they make you really, really angry.

The one who is always asking for help

Everyone’s happy to help out a friend, I mean you’re not a monster, after all. But this friend – this friend is something else. They send so many questions to the group chat that you honestly wonder if they’ve even been to one lecture this term, or if they even did GCSEs.

Your friend will be up in that chat at 2am like “which one is the Y axis?”, when he’s a maths student. And even if the questions are pretty fair game to ask, you don’t want to tell them the answer because you had to work for it. You had the turn pages in a BOOK for this knowledge – he can stop piggybacking on your efforts and find out himself.