Why Malala should come to Warwick, not Oxford

We all know Warwick is the better and more sensible choice here

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You may have heard recently that Malala Yousafzai, Nobel Peace Prize winner, has received an offer to study PPE at Warwick.

However, she has also received an offer from Oxford.

So, let’s revisit all the reasons why Warwick is much better than Oxford, shall we?

Who’s even got that dollar?

I’m not saying being a Warwick student is inexpensive, but it’s certainly less expensive than being at Oxford. We are students after all – we’re meant to suffer through this time of eating Pot Noodles constantly, and money doesn’t grow on trees.


Warwick has the best variety of societies – sport, academic, and many others. There’s something for everyone, and the societies are all inclusive and friendly. They host regular socials and events and are all focused on supporting charities. They are a great way to meet some incredible people that will inspire you to think outside the box, exactly what a PPE student is looking for, isn’t it?

Since Malala is a Nobel Peace Prize winner, and campaigns admirably for human rights, it makes sense to mention the dedication towards human rights at Warwick. Our Amnesty Society is incredible. This year it has focused on raising awareness about immigration detention and organising free trips for young activists on campus, for example to Campsfield detention centre to take part in the campaigning calling for the end of this oppressive ‘procedure’.

They also hosted an ex-detainee-turned-activist on campus, who spoke about his experience in detention and what we should all do about the campaign. Warwick Amnesty further told me about their dedication to be vocal towards women’s rights and capital punishment.


Now if POP isn’t a reason in itself why Warwick is a better choice than Oxford, I don’t know what is. I mean, we have Disco Dave – what other DJ does shoutouts the way he does? Our cheesy Wednesday nights are truly the best. Ah, POP. You can really feel the love in that place.

It’s not all “work and no play”

University may be primarily about getting an education and getting a degree, but this isn’t the only important aspect. It’s also about experiences, finding interests, being independent and gaining an education in more ways than one.

Warwick, unlike Oxford, understand this balance. We may not be as high as Oxford in the uni rankings, but we are still one of the best universities for graduate prospects, and we get to actually enjoy our university experience. Since Malala is such an inspirational figure, she’ll need time for this aspect of her life.

Furthermore, we have a vibrant community full of people from all backgrounds, a tremendous support department if needed, and both traditional and new events coming to the university all the time. There’s plenty to do here, and there’s everything you need for both a hard night’s work (shoutout 24/7 lib) and a day of leisure. It’s difficult to get this balance right (sorry Ox for your failure), but Warwick definitely have it sorted.

Our chaplaincy is incredible

The Chaplaincy website at Warwick says that it is, “a peaceful space open to all members of the University community of any, or no, faith.”

The Chaplaincy at Warwick is diverse and caters to everyone. There are regular services and events in this space, for example, on Friday nights Jewish students meet for the Shabbat meal, kosher kitchen is available in the building and The Islamic Society organises prayers for Muslim students in the dedicated prayer room on campus, and Halal food is readily available in the local area.

The late night food cravings

You know exactly what I’m talking about. Whether its the burger van on the piazza, the chips outside Kasbah or Vialli’s in Leamington, we truly have the best food for late night desires. Plus the food market that comes to Warwick is out of this world.

The costumes speak for themselves

No one is as dedicated to their costumes as Warwick students are, no one. Oxford are toddlers in comparison to our expertise in this area.

PPE at Warwick

Malala has applied to study PPE. The students on the course at Warwick say they love the versatility that they experience on the course, stating that it’s modern and encourages the consideration of all aspects.

Furthermore, the balance found between work and leisure at Warwick is evident on this course. Instead of forcing work and essays to the point the subject is no longer enjoyable (cough cough, Oxford), PPE at Warwick expects a reasonable amount of work and gives realistic deadlines, as well as plenty of support for improvement.

The students on the course said that this gives them the time to take part in societies and sports that make the experience of university genuinely fulfilling, with one stating that, “Malala should definitely come here.”

Oh we also have the Koan – try and beat that

Nothing can beat the lump of metal we worship. Nothing.