Everything you will miss about Warwick on your year abroad

‘Down that glass of pinot you fresher’ just doesn’t have the same ring to it

Every year abroad student knows that smug, slightly addictive, feeling you get whenever you visit another sunny beach, or update your insta for the eighth time in one day with yet another scenic shot. We also know how much everyone hates us. Shocking as it is though, it’s not as easy leaving Warwick behind as you thought.

Here’s what that annoying Year Abroad student spamming your timeline probably misses:


This one barely needs to be said. Vialli’s has been there for you in some of your darkest; drunkest moments. Try ordering cheesy chips and chicken nuggets slathered in ketchup and mayo in France without feeling judged. I dare you.

Leamington Spa

Let’s be honest, it’s given you too many candid Instagram shots to choose from, and where would all the madly in love couples go to make everyone feel nauseous without Jefferson Gardens. It also feels amazing to only be a ten-minute walk away from Smack, and all the other vital places in your life. Coffee Architects – please go international.

Sports Clubs

There’s a reason that we ‘shoe the poly’ every year, and it’s not just the simple fact that it’s Cov Uni. You’ll realise while abroad that Warwick is actually quite good at the whole sports thing, and you’ll catch yourself missing even the most annoying people from your team. You’ll also feel like a total celeb when you’re visiting, and the new freshers become your biggest fans after hearing what a legend you were in 2k16 during a nostalgic ‘never have I ever’.

The adventures of circle and POP!

Well yeah, so it basically sounds like just sitting around and drinking, but we all know that it’s so much more than that, and the people you meet abroad just won’t get it. The £1.53 pints; your oh-so-original and not so cool fancy dress; and don’t forget the horrific life choices. “Down that glass of pinot you fresher” just doesn’t have the same ring to it.

The ‘Bubble’

The salvation of the sofa booths in the Learning Grid; chilling on the Piazza even though it’s about 2 degrees; and saving an incredible 10% on your Breadoven. You just don’t get this sort of excitement at a city university.

You may  have regularly wanted to fall into a hole when running into your pull from the other week after barely having dragged yourself out of bed, or when you see that friend of a friend of a friend whose name you really should remember, but you’ll miss it. Life just isn’t the same without all that drama.

Your mates

All of your friends are either abroad or stuck in third year hell. Leaving people behind is probably one of the hardest things you’ll have to do. The major FOMO from the snapchats, and you want to regularly smash your phone because of all the annoying plans you’re not involved in; on the group chat that you would never consider leaving.

Next thing you know, you find yourself on a flight that you definitely can’t afford just for a cheeky Pop! trip and an even cheekier Nandos. It’s worth it though.

The Library Cafe

Speaking of third year hell, there’s one light at the end of the tunnel that is your average day of vegetating on the third floor, or fifth if you’re a total masochist. From the morning fry up, to the beautiful selection of chips and garlic bread for lunch, and the surprisingly decent coffee. The lib cafe becomes the “exciting” part of your day and the convenient place to have a hard earned break from procrastinating on Facebook and those super tense ‘Should these foods be on Pizza or not’ BuzzFeed quizzes.

One thing you won’t miss is the the U1 – the metro can never be three weeks late.