What to expect as a Northerner at Warwick

Kiss goodbye to chips and gravy

You will be outnumbered

When coming to Warwick from the North you will find yourself undoubtedly outnumbered – it’s southern central down here. In fact, you’ll probably find more of the French than the Northern. This ultimately will lead to a bonding and lasting friendship with other northerners once you find them – it’s that much of a revelation.

You’ll be told you sound posh when you go home

Being around all these southerners will change your accent even though you won’t notice it yourself – until you head back North that is. People will point out that you sound different, but that’s just the way it is. Be prepared for that one, there’s no escaping it no matter how hard you try to cling onto your northern accent.

You will get into an argument about the North/South divide

It’s rather typical that Northerners think the North is better and Southerners think the South is – of course you’ll be protective over your homeplace. But come on – the North has better food, better bant, AND cheaper nightlife.. what else could you want? You can’t beat Geordie Shore either, or Skegvegas for that matter. Oh, and you’ll never find weird clothing up in the North – what even are those maroon chinos?!

Chips and gravy is controversial and difficult to find

A staple up in the North – yet it seems almost alien to some down at Warwick. It’s difficult to find on nights out (or after the nights out mainly), and if it is found down here it’s not comparable to the true home version. Anyhow, if you haven’t tried it yet then you must be Southern – get on it posho.

You’ll argue about the way words are pronounced

The list of words that cause a pronunciation argument is truly endless. Pronunciation of specific words (e.g. bath, scone) causes multiple arguments because everyone thinks that their way of saying one word is the right way – and since there’s not that many Northerners at Warwick you’ll find yourself having to argue your case much better to account for the outnumbering.

Everyone assumes because you’re from the North that you’re automatically left wing

“Why the hell are you right wing if you’re from the North?” Um, bit stereotypical don’t you think? Yes there may be certain areas in the UK that are generally left or right, but individual and personal political beliefs aren’t fixed to this. But still, people will assume you are left wing just because you’re Northern.

You’ll be prouder to be from the North and will miss it more when away

Coming down to Warwick you’ll find yourself missing the proper gravy and chips, the cheap nights out and the better nightlife. You’ll find that there’s things typically exclusive to the North – and this will make you proud and protective when someone tries to diminish it.

People assume our cities aren’t decent

We have Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds, Newcastle and more. Just because it’s not London, doesn’t mean it’s not decent. People generally assume that there’s nothing to do it the North, but our cities are incredible and you always have a good time there. You will also find that Skegness and Blackpool are very under-appreciated at Warwick.

Everyone will assume you want to move

Why does everyone at Warwick assume that Northerners want to leave the North? This isn’t a thing – actually most northerners want to stay there because it’s just that great. Why would you ever want to leave?

Despite all of this, you’ll all come together to agree that the Brummy accent is the worst

Sorry, Brummies. Thats just the way it is.