Everything going on today at Warwick for University Mental Health Day

There are free shoulder massages

Today is National University Mental Health Day. There are events taking place in the Panorama Room in the Rootes Building until 3pm promoting the services available and providing advice on how to maintain your wellbeing. The theme for the University this year as a whole is active Mental Health.

Today is relevant considering recent controversy involving Warwick University and its low ranking for Mental Health services, as well as it having comparatively low funding per head for Mental Health.

There are exhibitions demonstrating the services available, as well as offering free relaxation shoulder massage sessions and table tennis.

University Wellbeing Advisor, Sarah Meharg says: ‘Its important to talk about Mental Health to reduce its stigma of  so that students know that they don’t have to struggle alone, this is what today is about’.

Pop along today to the Panorama Room and ensure you are taking good care of yourself and your peers.