Warwick Goose is running for SU President

‘The free bread oven for a week has always been a priority’

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The infamous Warwick Goose claims to be running for President of the SU in the Spring elections and promises to “make Warwick SU goose again.”

The Warwick Goose has been making waves since 2015 and has even been described by one fan as “a massive BNOC.”

It’s no secret that The Canadian Geese found on campus are a pretty big part of Warwick life. Most students are used to awaking to the squawk of a huddle of geese, while some have been unlucky enough to have been attacked by one.

However, the Warwick Goose aims to discourage the “us” and “them” attitude that seems to have plagued Warwick.

He pledges to end the “human-centric bias of the Student Union” and “represent all students here at Warwick.”

When asked why he wanted to run, Warwick Goose told us that he is “very passionate about issues that aren’t necessarily the most popular.” For him “the free bread oven for a week has always been a priority.”

He wants to be taken seriously as a candidate and believes he has more than enough experience behind him. He argues that “not many candidates can say they’ve been chairbird of the Avian Caucus nor have they consistently offered such dedication to the SU in the form of puns and memes.”

The polls for Warwick SU’s spring election open on Wednesday 1 March at 9:00 am.