Harrow might not be as posh as the school, but we love it anyway

Yes, we do count as London

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Harrow is an awkwardly in between place- not quite the thriving, metropolitan city of London and not quite the serene and beautiful countryside. Instead it’s plonked somewhere in the middle: boring and still kind of noisy.

People from Harrow develop a new kind of skill: we can make fun from even the shittest of situations. After all, we have lived in Harrow.

We get all the perks of London without the hustle and bustle 

In just 15 minutes, you can escape the low hum of Wealdstone for the bustle of Euston thanks to London Midland, five minutes more and you’re in the world’s greatest shopping space: Oxford Circus. You can get to the buzz of London in under half an hour but all while living in the calm serenity of the suburbs.

We have Wenzel’s

Honestly, everyone from North-West London has no idea how the rest of you survive. Wenzel’s is a cultural hub of all things bread and cake, and still the only place in Harrow where it is socially acceptable to order a gingerbread man over the age of 8 (middle-aged builders i’m looking at you).

For many it’s a daily staple, but for others its like that best friend you see three times a year – once you’re back together it’s like you were never apart.  All the pasties, sandwiches, doughnuts and bacon butties you could want from the country’s best bakery. Who needs Greggs?

The food court is an iconic meeting place

Subway, KFC, Burger King, Pizza Hut – is there a better spot for fast food in the country? If you weren’t chilling here for at least half-an-hour after school or college then where were you? It may not have been the best combination for your health or your grades but fast food and after-school banter went hand in hand.

We’re super connected

Not only do we have four tube lines as well as national rail running through our veins we’ve got connections to pretty much everywhere by bus as well, including the famous N18 that up till recently used to be your only way home from a night out in Piccadilly Circus. Ahh the N18 mems- a lot of vomit and a lot of weirdos.

The Met line from Harrow-on-the-hill is predrinks capital

It’s one of the most diverse areas in England

Harrow is a beautiful cultural melting pot and has become one of the most multicultural places in the country. Whether you’re from India, Pakistan, Ireland, Romania, Sri Lanka or China you’ll be welcomed with open arms.

We’ve given you our fair share of national treasures

Sir Elton John is Harrow born and bred and has gone on to gift the world with his talent; selling over 300 million records, winning five Grammy and Brit awards as well as an Academy Award to say the least. Fellow Brit Award winner Kate Nash’s foundations are also in Harrow.

Bafta-award winner Dev Patel lived in Rayner’s Lane before finding fame on Skins and getting invited to the Academy Awards. Not to mention, Iceland favourite, Peter Andre, who gave us the anthem that is ‘Mysterious Girl’, was born in Harrow and twenty-one years later we’re all still bopping to the absolute banger.

The Junction is everyone’s favourite pub 

Food, cheap drinks and the nicest beer garden, how could you not be swayed? The junction is the nicest spot in harrow, nestled away to a back corner of the town centre but still the place to see and be seen. Not to mention that it works perfectly as a pre-drinks venue before a night out at Trinity.

Yes…we’re usually a lot messier

Trinity is a big night out

Trinity may be a crappy, living room sized bar that moonlights as a legit night out but it’s our crappy little night out. The main hotspot of harrow, with doors open till 3am when it sends everyone out kicking to McDonald’s opposite, it may not quite live up to a night out in neighbouring Watford’s Pryzm or a big trip to Central, but it’s close-by and you’re guaranteed to see everyone you know.

We’ve got some pretty beautiful green spaces

Harrow also harbours it’s fair share of countryside greenery. Particularly, in the likes of Old Reeding where there is beautiful woodland leading to one of the best viewpoints in London or on Harrow-on-the-hill where views stretch from Wembley stadium to the city.

 We know nothing about Harrow School

The minute anyone hears the word Harrow they immediately want to ask about the famous public school. With their prim and proper suits, hats and folders the harrow school boys are like alien species to Harrow residents.

We don’t know them, a few crazies may claim to have interacted with them, but not one believes them. They live up on the hill and there’s plenty of evidence to suggest an invisible electrical fence separates us from them. They’re Harrow’s most silent residents but fair play, they work well as a conversation starter.

Harrow might not be the best but we love it anyway 

We may look to the starry lights of Central London for most of our fun but really we wouldn’t choose to live anywhere else.