Why Valentine’s Day is the ultimate night out

Everyone in the club is single

Valentine’s Day is here and the couples among us will be wandering around Lem having fancy dinners and chocolate.

Yet for us singletons this could be seen as a tragic reminder of our single life; not this year. Valentine’s actually provides an unrivalled opportunity for the most awesome night out, and here’s why:

It’s an excuse to go out

Why not get drunk on a day reminding us of how single we are? It provides an excuse to get out the house and get drunk with other singletons.

Your responsible, coupley friends won’t be there

We all have that one friend who is the mum or dad of the group, stopping you taking that last shot. Turns out that friend is normally the one in the long term relationship and is tired of your relentless drinking shenanigans. This is their one break a year from your habits to have a nice dinner and sex that is not interrupted by yelling drunk people. It provides you with the perfect opportunity to escape all adult supervision and let lose without mum telling you to be home by 2am.

Everyone is single

It’s Valentine’s and this means that the only people going out have slipped through the couple net and are out there to party. This has the added benefit that you don’t have to be worried about hitting on the wrong person and being confronted by an angry other half.  Though be warned girls, the ‘I have boyfriend’ excuse may not be so effective; your rejection of me is going to have to be more honest this time.

People are more desperate than normal

I hit 20 this year and my mum decided it was time to start dropping hints that I should have a girlfriend. This included compatibility card games and some not so subtle hints; next year she’ll probably get me a premium Tinder membership. Valentine’s has reminded me, and I am sure many others, about how single they are which means all the more opportunity for drunk kisses in clubs to forget about the black hole of singleness.

Valentine’s Day deals

Inevitably Valentines brings along deals. If it’s cheap chocolate from Aldi or a litre of bailey’s for £12 from Tesco, Valentine’s nights out are made all the better by the opportunity to avoid Glenn’s for something a little bit nicer on offer. With £7 bottles of Prosecco from Tesco (cheers for the sponsorship), staying classy while getting drunk has never been easier. And for dinner, why not just grab one of those for two meals to eat by yourself; it’s only tragic if you deny it.

Morning after self-pity

The morning after Valentine’s is a moment that brings all the single friends together. Last night was tough; you failed to find the love of your life once again, whether it had been through failed dance floor antics or drunken sex, last night was not the night. Yet among this failure to find you dream partner in Smack (don’t be too surprised), a moment of unity appears. As all your single flatmates gather to watch Bridget Jones you realise that you are not alone in this tragic single dilemma.

You may actually find the one

You never know, the man or women of your dreams could be out there. I’m joking, It’s Smack on Valentine’s day and the likelihood of you finding that dream partner comes close to the chances of Cov beating Warwick in the league tables.