Warwick students tell us what their ideal Valentine’s day date would be

Looks like Smack is going to be packed out

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, we asked you what you would consider as a perfect date. Some people’s answers were typically romantic, while others took a slightly different approach.

Jessica, Third year, Law and Sociology

I’d like rose petals waiting for me when I get home, followed by chocolate fondue with bae.

Mark, First year, International Management

Getting completely drunk in Smack and getting with everyone that doesn’t have a Valentine’s date.

Baptiste, first year, International Business

Getting completely smashed with Mark.

Lauren and Lily, Third years, MORSE

Going to McDonalds together.

Karan, First year, Management

Having shisha and playing Fifa with a gamer girl.

Emily, First year, International Business

Drinking games with ‘Fifty Shades Darker’ followed by Smack with five of my girls.

Luca, First year, Management

Watching the PSG – FC Barcelona game and then going to Smack.

Jackie, Postgraduate, PPM

Getting away from the city and riding a horse in the countryside.

Zach, Third year, Engineering

Going bungee jumping

Luis, First year, Management

Going on a yacht in the Caribbean with the special person.