We spoke to the guys behind Keep the Faith, Warwick’s funkiest night

Their nights always sell out

Keep the Faith has been a massive hit with Warwick students so far. We spoke to Lewis and Joshua, who gave us all the details on the new funk/disco night in Zephyr Lounge.

What made you start this event at Warwick? How did you create it?

It was founded by Beni Etz and Alastair Brook last year who are now studying abroad. We have taken it over with the aim at keeping up the fantastic work done before with a slightly more disco/funk/world orientated sound.

How many are there in your team?

The core team is Lewis, Joshua and Esrom. We enlist the help of photographers, filmmakers and other creative people to help the night look fantastic and capture it all!

Why is it called Keep the Faith?

We think its because for a lot of people coming to Warwick who are into music from all over the world, it can be pretty depressing seeing there’s no where offering the kinds of sonic delights they’re after- Pop! and Skool Dayz can start to feel pretty samey.

We want to create a vibe that puts serious thought into the music selection but isn’t like other clubs where it’s all about trying to look cool – we really want people to let loose, dress up and dance. It’s also true the name has become increasingly relevant in current times!

Who choses the music? How much work is required?

The DJs in charge of the music. In the time they should be studying, they are searching the dark corners of the internet for funky new sounds, but it’s a hobby, so it’s not really seen as work! We are always finding new and talented DJs to expand the spectrum of music on the night and start filling up the other rooms.

We have Esrom on promotion, ticketing and manning the door on the night, when he’s not covered in green spandex dressed as an alien. We also collaborate with others to photograph and design the night. It can add up to a fair bit of stress but is always so so worth it on the night.

Why do you have themed nights?

We believe getting people to dress up and look amazing is key to encouraging them to let loose and really have fun. There have been some amazing costumes for the last few nights and it’s been pretty difficult to decide who wins our best – dressed competitions. Each time we set a theme but its relaxed and easygoing. If it seems too narrow or difficult, just come dressed groovy.

How many people are you expecting on a night? Has it been successful so far?

We have consistently sold out the Zephyr lounge and for this next one in the Altoria we’re roping in societies as well, so should be a busy night!

What is the next step for this night?

We’ve been blown away by the positive response we’ve received this year and the lengthening queues are hugely gratifying to us to see the night is resonating with so many people! Due to larger numbers, we’re starting to expand the experience with bigger venues, better dress up, beautiful décor and more DJs.

What kind of people go to Keep the Faith?

We wouldn’t say there’s a particular group of people who come to Keep The Faith, we play music from all over the world so seems only natural our crowds are full of people from all over the place. If you like to dance, like to hear new sounds and like to keep it interesting with a massive range of different styles, this is the night for you!

When is the next night? 

Our next night is on the 9th of March, which is the Thursday of Week 9! Prices will be announced a little later and there will be plenty of funk to get drunk on.