Every stage of your first Pop! sports circle

You’ll probs do something you’ll regret

Your first circle experience with your new society can be rather daunting, whether you’re a fresher or not. Either way, it’s a rite of passage, and it’s got to be done. But don’t worry, here are the main points of what you can expect.

You will be (or should be) extremely nervous

Let’s face it, everyone’s heard horror stories of circling experiences, and you’ve probably considered backing out more than once. But your friends will remind you that you can’t snake on the sesh, so you’ll find yourself powering through.

You’ll be targeted if you’re a fresher

Poor fresh. You’ll probably have to do some sort of embarrassing greeting into the life of circle, e.g. shouting a story of sexual deviance in front of everyone.

Each society has different rules and traditions though, and these change all of the time, depending on how adventurous your social secs are, so don’t be surprised if there’s a new game next week that you’ve never heard of.

You’ll be confused AF

Speaking of games, there will always be ones you have no idea how to play. Since your fellow circlers aren’t meant to tell you the rules, you’ll probably be made to drink a lot more, due to the confusion and you losing at the game. Don’t worry though, you’ll get the hang of it. Eventually…

The social execs will shout at you at some point

Try not to make eye contact and try your best to avoid downing another pint. Definitely don’t laugh or smile, that doesn’t go down so well.

Trying to find a decent costume will become your number one struggle

Whether its Disney themed, animal themed, or even ‘anything but clothes’, you will stress about what to wear and where to find it. If you don’t match the criteria, you’ll seriously regret it.

You’ll use your phone and there will be serious consequences

You’ll probably go on your phone at some point in the night, normal right? Nope. Not in circle. The idea is you engage with your society and new people, not with your social media. If you’re caught on your phone, the punishment could be anything, from downing a pint of purple to having your phone confiscated until circle finishes. Sometimes the social secs even use your phone and text someone an embarrassing message, including your parents.

But believe me –  the social execs can think of anything as a consequence, so just don’t take the risk. Also, don’t be surprised if you have to crawl to the toilet, do something embarrassing for losing a game or even have a pint poured on you.

You will probably spill purple everywhere at least once in the night

If not, you’re not drunk enough. Don’t worry, the execs will pick up on this.

There will be random outbursts of songs

And you’ll definitely get caught up screaming along – but most of the time the song choice represents a year group that has to drink, so try not to get too caught up in singing along to Baby by the Biebs, okay?

Other societies may join in 

A truly magical moment when the whole of upstairs of the Copper Rooms is drunkenly pouring their hearts out into the lyrics of ‘Uptown Girl’. If you ever witness this, you’re one lucky fresher.

Making it into POP! will be an actual achievement

After seeing people on the floor crying, laughing, and sometimes even people being sick, you’ll count making it to Disco Dave central as an achievement – perhaps even more so than making it to your 9 am.

You’ll probably do something you regret

“Probably” is an understatement. It’s your first circle, and if you’ve done it right you will be very happily drunk and carefree, which will undoubtedly result in some sort of mistake being made at some point in the night. The next day your friends won’t let you forget it, so be prepared for that one. It will always be remembered.

If you wake up in the morning with your keys and card, you’ll be insanely surprised

It’ll be remarkable if you make it back with no one dropping you home to be honest.

You’ll most likely say “never again”

But you’ll find yourself buying pints of Purple yet again one week later. Round two, anyone?