Warwick students get behind Alexander Paul in fundraiser event

Bucketing will occur on the piazza today from 10am-6pm

A fundraiser is happening on the piazza today for Warwick student Alexander Paul, who was tragically diagnosed with stage 4 brain cancer.

A crowdfunding page was set up by a family friend of Alexander, which successfully reached its £50,000 target earlier this week.

The money raised will go towards funding his treatment at an advanced alternative cancer clinic in Germany. Here, Alexander has started undergoing hyperthermia treatment which aims to weaken the aggressive cancer cells on his brain.

In Alexander’s interview, he spoke about Warwick students getting behind the crowdfunding page and donating towards his cause and described it as ‘beautiful’.

Since then, numerous societies from the University of Warwick have teamed together and organised a fundraiser to help raise awareness and donations for Alexander.

From 10am-6pm on Thursday 19 January, a collaborative effort is being made by multiple societies, by bucketing in the middle of the piazza, which is situated outside of the Students Union building.

Further support for Alexander is being made in the form of a ‘get well soon video’ which will also be shot on the piazza on the same day.

This is aimed to be done at 3pm, however further confirmation is yet to be made. They aim to get as many students involved in the video as possible.

The efforts made to help raise awareness of Alexander’s condition and help contribute funds towards his treatment costs shows just how supportive the Warwick community can be.

The featured image was taken by Andy Gray/ashmorevisuals