Warwick’s most eligible bachelor 2016 nomination: Daniel Palmer

He still hasn’t found ‘the one’

We’re in search of Warwick’s most eligible bachelor and after hundreds of responses we’ve had so far, we’ve narrowed the competition down to the very best bachelors studying at our university.

One such candidate is a first year, History and Politics student from Cambridgeshire, Daniel Palmer. He has three dogs at home who he misses more than his human family members.

When asked how he feels nominated he said: “I don’t feel too surprised about being nominated, my friends have always told me I’m the relationship type guy who doesn’t mess with girls. I try to be as kind as possible to as many people as possible, which a lot of people find relationship-worthy, but I still haven’t found the one.”


When he’s not busy circling with Badminton, you will find him cooking (and usually not just for himself). His hobbies include travelling, watching films whilst eating Ben and Jerry’s and looking at art. He’s also not afraid to rock a blazer on the go.

His nominator described him as an ‘intelligent, caring, amazing cuddler and listener’. Apparently he’s also ‘a crazy-arse drunk who knows how to sesh.’

The vote for Warwick’s most eligible bachelor will open later this month. If you’d like to nominate someone email [email protected] or message The Tab Warwick Facebook page.