Everything you wish you had known before Freshers’ at Warwick

Don’t be the person that sets off the fire alarm

So you’ve packed your bags and you’re about to head off to university which usually means leaving home and more importantly leaving your parents. It can be very daunting at first when you’ve been thrown into a place where you’re expected to look after yourself, make friends, go out – all whilst you manage your workload and keep up with deadlines, so it’s okay to feel a little overwhelmed.

Just be aware that there are a few things you need to know if you’re going to be a fresher at Warwick.

Names stick

Freshers’ Week is the beginning of a minimum three year stint at uni, so it’s best not to get a nickname on day one. Trust me, you don’t want to be constantly reminded of that time you passed out naked in someone else’s kitchen in a pile of vomit which may or may not be your own.

Napping during pre drinks is not acceptable

Your kitchen will be a mess

It’s not just that plates will pile up beside the sink or that everyone leaves out all their mugs. It’s the mould that’s the real problem. The expiry date is not a polite suggestion of when you should probably bin those eggs and you don’t need to wait until they walk out of their own accord.

People have a lot of sex

University is not a place where you should repress your carnal desires but I can promise that you will hear someone next door getting it on, so make sure you get earplugs. They will come in handy when your neighbour has excessively loud orgasms that seems a little on the fake side.

You won’t meet the love of your life 

Tinder and one-night stands are commonplace, everyone’s out for a fling not a romance. Just don’t hook up with your flat mate unless you’re willing to withstand the awkwardness of seeing them everyday for the next year.

You might get your heart broken

I’ve heard tons of stories of people painfully watching their crush get with someone else in Smack. But this is what happens when you put a bunch of horny and drunk people together in a dark and stuffy room.

Her boyfriend’s gonna be gutted…

There will be fire alarms

They’re horrible. Especially at four in the morning in flip-flops and a bath towel. Please be careful not to burn garlic bread in the oven or spray too much deodorant in your room. Not naming any names, but we all know it was your hair straighteners, Becky. 

You will live with people from all over the world

This is great, but it will make Eurovision a little intense.

You will learn how to manage your expenses… sort of 

Spent too much on going out? Treated yourself to too many chicken nuggets at Vialli’s? Decided you wanted to buy everyone a shot at circle? Well that’s unfortunate because now you can’t eat for the rest of the week. Just hope one of your flatmates takes pity on you and lends you some bread, or pray that Mummy and Daddy send you over some more cash. 

You will learn to love the Copper Rooms

I’m talking about sticky floors, drunk people and all kinds of bizarre and freaky costumes. Make sure you buy tickets to Skool Dayz, POP and circling ASAP. You’ll be downing purple and singing along to Mr. Brightside before you know it, and if you’re lucky you’ll see Disco Dave rocking that mullet like a pro.

You will pull all-nighters

You will probably leave that 5,000 word essay until the night before it’s due. We’ve all done it. You’re lucky though because our library is now open 24/7 so you really have no excuse. Make sure you stock up on Red Bulls from Rootes.