Warwick uni has run out of accommodation for the sixth year running

Some freshers are being allocated their fourth or fifth choices

A number of incoming freshers have received news that they will not be living in their chosen halls of residence for first term because there isn’t enough space.

Some undergraduates will have to temporarily share single bedrooms in Rootes or Westwood until they are housed elsewhere.

Postgraduates have been asked to look for accommodation off-campus.


A single bedroom in Westwood

In previous cases, the university has dealt with the issue by placing postgraduates in hotels and waiting for on-campus accommodation to became available from people who drop-out in first term.

Fresher Fede, who is having to share in Rootes, said that he isn’t “over enthusiastic about it”, adding: “I guess it will affect my whole year, obviously it very much depends on who is my roommate, but I’m sure it will work out.”

Accommodation allocations have been a problem at Warwick since 2010. Students on the Freshers 2016-2017 Facebook group are dissatisfied to have been allocated their fourth or fifth halls choices, some didn’t get any of the options they picked at all.

The university has been contacted for a comment.