How to make your Warwick house look less bumout

Because why wouldn’t you want boobs on your sofa?

Unless you’re loaded or still living at home, you’re most likely living in the generic, blandly decorated houses that crowd every student town.

In attempting to make sure everyone will like the aesthetic, landlords create a beige landscape that everybody hates equally.

If you’re finding the monotony of various shades of brown too much to handle, maybe it’s time to add some colour to the mix.

We went to Tiger to try and find stuff under a fiver to brighten up your house with.

Both priced at £1, notebook available in A4 at £3

Let’s take this to the bedroom

Ever woken up in a post-Smack panic, not knowing what the time is or how catastrophically late you might be? Well fear no more, with this ice cream cone clock, you’ll never miss a lecture again. Or at least you’ll have the choice – no judgement.

£4, and offering a fetching reflection of the rest of your room

Keep track of all the pens that don’t work anymore in this basket. Or keep snacks in it. Your choice – no one is going to care when it looks this good.

The studious use, at just £2

Stay fresh


The packaging on this ice cream cone face cloth is so cute you might not want to use it, but Kasbah face paint has to come off somehow, and loo roll can’t always cut it.

£1 to get rid of the Mike Tyson mistake on the side of your face is pretty reasonable

£1 to get rid of the Mike Tyson mistake on the side of your face is pretty reasonable

Lounging around

If you feel that ice cream is taking over your house a little too much, Tiger offer you some variety in there pillow selection to brighten up the sofas that have been through generations of carelessly preing students, in the form of boobs.

Rug and pillows

If your landlord is too tight to carpet your living room and you suffer from the morning struggle of getting breakfast by walking on freezing cold floorboards, this brightly coloured rug could save your toes the pain, as well as tactically hiding any stain disasters from your landlord when he’s returning deposits. Double bonus.

Casually enjoying a drink

Casually enjoying a drink

Whilst enjoying your new items, kick back with the cup to rule all other cups – forget those chipped, stained mugs, forget drinking straight from the carton, sip away from this pastel milk bottle. Bring some class to your pre.

Head and shoulders above the rest at £2

And if you need anywhere to put your rubbish and stuff that nobody needs, look no further than this fetching bin.

Priced at just £4