The Koan is getting a face lift

It’s the best idea they’ve ever had

The University of Warwick has announced plans for intensive renovations to our campus’ beloved Koan as part of their 50th anniversary celebrations.

The plans include raising the Koan on a platform so that it can be seen above the surrounding trees and adding more varieties of colours to the lights, to match the rainbow of colours featured on the recently updated website.

There will also be several smaller Koans placed all over campus, making it an even more iconic part of Warwick’s campus. This is aimed to “represent the expanding influence of Warwick in the international community.”


The various Koans will have different rotation speeds, aiming to reflect an ivory merry-go-round, and will turn 24/7, rather than just at night.

Campus has seen massive renovations over the last few months, with a new bus interchange and upcoming plans for several new buildings. Many new sculptures have also been introduced, but naturally none can compete with the pointy glory of the Koan.

One of the Koan's competitors

One of the Koan’s competitors

It is thought that rumours of these expansions are the reason behind the increased activity around the Koan, with several people being spotted praying in worship to this mighty Warwick monument. We can only wonder whether the increased size and enhanced beauty of the Koan will also encourage more worshippers to make their pilgrimage to the Koans, as they will be named in future.

A spokesperson for the University said: “We are very excited for the new image of Warwick, and this is a part of it.

“We aim to make the Koan into a symbol with which to launch Warwick into the international spectrum of education.”