We asked non-Londoners to define London slang

‘Gassed means stoned, right?’

Coming from London, I initially thought that the slang used back home was ubiquitous.

I quickly realised that the contrary was the case, which is probably for the best.  So, I went and asked non-Londoners to attach meaning to the urban verbiage.

Richard Barton


Yat (a girl/female) – “Isn’t it a type of mosquito that only resides in London?”

Bait (obvious/conspicuous) – “It’s like when you’re deliberately trying to annoy someone.”

Gassed (overly excited or happy) – “Stoned?”

Kate Whitehouse


Backoff (a plump behind) – “If you have a fuck load of essays?”

Neek (cross between nerd and geek) – “If they’re like super pumped for everything?”

Wasteman (one who does nothing with his life) – “Someone who gets high a lot.”

Lukas Josten


Yat – “An idiot.”

Bait – “Sneaky maybe?”

Wagwan (greeting derived from ‘what’s going on?’) – “Doesn’t sound English at all. I welcome you?”

Stefano Trucco


Piff (good or good looking) – “It’s weird because we have an Italian comic who uses that name. I have no idea.”

Wasteman – “Someone that doesn’t care about the way he looks to people.”

Backoff – “Maybe the butt?”

Rebecca Unsworth White


Piff – “It’s either ugly or really pretty. I think it’s pretty.”

Backoff – “Someone you don’t wanna meet in an alleyway?”

Wagwan – “That’s ‘hi’. It can be used as a question. I know a lot about wagwan.”

George Williams


Yat – “A delinquent.”

Bait – “Like jailbait or?”

Wagwan – “When you’re out with the lads having a good time.”

Matt Hill & Will Brookman


Wasteman – “Someone useless.” (Matt), “A fassy – that’s just like a wasteman.” (Will)

Neek – “A pussy or a melt.” (Will), “I agree with that.” (Matt)

Nitty – “A little pussy bitch.” (Will), “Annoying.” (Matt)

Peak (a bad situation) – “Something bad.” (Will), “Something good.” (Matt)

Lucas Wayne


Neek – “I think it’s racist.”

Wasteman – “Scumbag. A low-life scumbag.”

Wagwan – “It’s hello for black people.”

Bare (very) – “Grylls.”

George Alldred


Piff – “I reckon piff would be an absolutely ponce – really upper class.”

Wagwan – “Some sort of tent, or a stall in a London market.”

Skeen – “I reckon it’s negative. I reckon it’s like a sausage fest.”

Nitty – “A bit of a grammar Nazi.”

Neek – “Neek as in unique. Someone who has something weird about them. If that’s not the actual reason then the Londoners are wrong. I smashed that one.”

Alex Grantham


Bait – “A female worth pursuing.”

Neek – “A midget or someone short.”

Mandem – “Someone on point with their dancing.”

Yat – “A dyslexic person trying to talk about yik yak.”

Licked (heavily intoxicated) – “Being tantalisingly ripped.”

Ella Heath


Yat – “A boat, like a yacht.”

Peak – “That means good. Bad. I’m gonna go for good.”

Creasing – “Isn’t that a dance move?”

Neek – “An annoying animal. You know, like a rat.”

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