I tried eating stereotypical student foods for the first time

So what if I’d never had baked beans?

University is all about having new experiences, right?

There’s new friends, new places, new things to do and no matter where you come from there’ll be a whole range of things you’ve not tried yet. It’s safe to say that at first most of these things are definitely alcohol related and involve going out, but there are other experiences that are equally as life changing.

the classic night out selfie

The classic night out selfie

These experiences could be anything. Whether it’s eating your first ever curry, which I did in my first term of university. Or after 19 years of life being taught that bread is actually freeze-able (life-changer). Or whether it’s sitting down and watching Toy Story for the first time ever with your flatmates. Yes, you read that correctly. I only watched Toy Story for the first time in my life last term, aged 20, and in truth I expected a lot more from it – haters gonna hate.

You’d think that come year two, term two of university that you’d have experienced all there is to offer, right? After a year and a bit there’s not really a lot left to tick off the list? Wrong. Apparently, as I recently found out, the fact I have never even tried baked beans is near outrageous as a student. So is the fact I’ve never eaten a banana, or never even enjoyed the apparent joy that is a pot noodle. Well worry no longer because I’ve finally experienced the true joys that is student life at its best.


They’re super healthy, a quick snack, and apparently they even help deal with depression – I mean, they’re basically the perfect snack to help you survive that dreaded 5,000 word essay, right?

Well, let me say this, if you’re someone who likes bananas, I applaud you, because I have never eaten something so disgusting in my entire life. Never in my life did I imagine I’d be able to say I gagged in relation to a banana. No matter how bad my essay writing is going, I think chocolate will do a better job than the horror that is a banana.

It’s definitely a no from me.

The pure evil that is actually a banana

The pure evil that is actually a banana

Pot Noodle 

Also known as the biggest let down ever. Quick, easy to make, on the go snack – clearly student laziness in terms of cooking is becoming a theme here.

First of all, even reading the instructions about how to make this pot noodle was an experience in itself – lad culture at it’s finest. “Whip off the lid” used a far too thrilling verb for the disappointment that was actually to follow.

Making it seem totally cool for students and ‘Lads’ is definitely over exaggerated. And to tell the truth it really didn’t taste that great, it’s just so basic. I expected more from the apparent beauty that is a pot noodle – sadly I disagree completely.

Why people eat these I actually will never understand.

That look when you realise you've made a big mistake

That mid-chew look when you realise you’ve made a big mistake

Baked beans

To tell the truth I’ve never eaten baked beans before purely because I never thought I’d like them. Firstly the thought of eating beans just never really did it for me, and secondly as an English student the fact Heinz call them ‘Beanz’ completely frustrates me. How wrong I was. It’s totally clear now why students eat these all the time – they taste so great.

What more could you ever want?

Trying baked beans has actually been a life changer– how I have never eaten these before I do not know, they’re literally amazing. I genuinely feel like I’ve missed out on 20 years of eating something I actually really like. Baked beans will definitely be in my weekly shop from now on.