I asked guys on Tinder to marry me

One guy said he was already married

February 29th, a day that comes around once every 4 years. February 29th is famous for the tradition of women asking their partners to marry them.

To see how guys would react to such a forward question, I asked many guys on Tinder to marry me, and see if I could get one of the boys to walk down the aisle with me.

One guy clearly didn’t understand the concept of a leap year proposal.


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Going bold with the chat up lines on February 29th.

One man clearly liked my Tinder profile, and was definitely up for a wedding from a leap year proposal.

This guy understood that it was a leap year, and was extremely happy with me.

This person was slightly confused, but nodded, even if he felt forced into it.

This man was clearly wanting to marry me straight away. Clearly the Tinder profile was attractive.

Clearly, this person and I were destined to meet via Tinder, and he wanted nothing more than to marry me.

This person thought I was being extremely upfront, and was very unsure of how to take the message.

If you’re not receiving some misogyny on Tinder, then are you even on Tinder?

Again, this person didn’t understand the concept of a leap year wedding, but he didn’t say no.

I found myself a bigamist on Tinder too.

And this until last. Although I typed it wrong, the response was a gem. This is why I love Tinder.