George Creasy creates Snapchat filter for Pop

He’s sliding into your story

Election week is well underway, and every candidate is doing weird and wonderful things to get students’ attention, from designing a new range of hats like Remington Spa to making a Harry Potter parody.

Yet George Creasy has gone a step further in his quest to become SU President, by creating his very own Snapchat filter for everyone to enjoy at Pop last night.


Active from 8pm till 2am in the Copper Rooms, Creasy Snapchatted his full evening, with his customised filter in full force of course, posting his antics to his story at Creasy4Pres.


Evem Sabb officers drink purple

It’s not just the candidate himself who took advantage of this one-off filter though – our Tab writers never miss a chance for a solid selfie.


Creasy explained his decision to take his campaign onto Snapchat: “I thought Snapchat would be the best way to reach students because of the way that they interact with social media. It worked last year, so I thought I would go bigger and better this year.”


“People absolutely loved the filter, they enjoyed that a candidate engaged them in such a modern way. It just shows that students want more innovative ways to interact with their SU. People are sick of cardboard. Digital is the future.”


Judging by how well the cardboard signs held up to the rain this week, he might be onto something with this more durable form of campaigning.

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