Smack officially named the worst club in Warwick

The people have spoken

Smack has been named by you as the worst club in Warwick – snatching “victory” away from POP by one per cent.

Our nightlife is never going to overtake the giants at Leeds, the variety of London, or the dangers of Birmingham, but now we have the definitive answer of what is truly the lowest of the low.

Smack took 26 per cent of the thousands of votes, edging out POP on 25 per cent.

Meanwhile Neon is Warwick’s third worst club after securing 22 per cent of the vote.

Smack – 26 per cent

50% chance of actually getting to this point

It may be sixth best club in the country, but we are not rating it. It’s stuffy, it’s hot, and the music is shite.

The era of Smack is waning – apparently the tides are turning in Kasbah’s favour, with just 6 per cent voting for the Colly.

Pop – 25 per cent


Cotton Eyed Joe and Mr Brightside will be crying their eyes out at the news, and Disco Dave is hanging up his wig.

A close call for first place, the Warwick staple night out is clearly fading from the limelight, with the last faint cries of the Spice Girls.

Neon – 22 per cent

Don't believe the hype

Clearly getting lost in a maze of neon signs is not seeming as fun as it once was.

Time to power down guys.