Does this third year have the biggest quads on campus?

‘Sometimes I get scared of them’

We all know it’s a crime to miss leg day (the triangle is never a good look), but a MORSE third year has taken their thigh game to the next level.

Forget thigh gaps – having the biggest thighs possible is the only real fashion statement you make make with your legs. And Matthew Smith, a member of Warwick’s Athletics team, is blessed in this area, dazzling onlookers with his tremendous, eye-popping quads.

Matthew trains twice a week for the middle distance 800m and 1500m events, maintaining his tree trunk thighs with hard work, dedication and, of course, chicken.

He told The Tab: “I think training legs is a necessity in life, a bit like eating.”



At his peak, Matthew could lift 150kg with them, but had to cut down on lifting as his hefty weight started slowing him down on the track. Now he just sticks to circuit training which includes lunges and squats around twice a week to keep them in bulging shape.

Despite cutting down his training regime to let others catch up, Matthew is still confident of having Warwick’s BQOC. “Of course I have the biggest quads on campus” he said. “The girls love it. I think they’re curious what they look like close up.”

The life of a leg superstar is not always easy though, as Matthew explains: “People are scared of my legs. I notice people are much quicker to move out of my way when I have my shorts on. Sometimes I get scared too. My mates say it’s a bit of a joke and that I’m quite disproportionate.”

But Matthew’s intimidating thighs are a cause for celebration for one friend, who told us: “they’re not only the best in Warwick, but arguably in the entire country.”

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‘Sometimes they scare me too’

All of which means Matthews will never give up his ways. “People who skip leg day are scumbags” he scoffed. “Gyms are full of them.”

If you think your quads make Matthews looks like matchsticks, then contact [email protected] with pictures of your babies.