Someone did a poo in the Kelsey’s smoking area

This is grim

A man was photographed taking a poo in the smoking area of Kelsey’s on Wednesday evening.

The unfortunate man, who clearly forgot where the toilet was, was seen crouching down in the smoking area with his shorts round his knees excreting on to the floor.

The Tab has possession at the photo but, for your sake, has chosen not to publish it.

Scene of the crime

Akwasi Akoto, who works in Kelsey’s, said: “Genuinely thought I’d clocked in enough hours to consider myself a Kelsey’s veteran, I thought I’d seen it all.

“Then came along the person who literally had an actual human poo in the Kelsey’s smoking area.”

The manager of Kelsey’s added: “This isn’t the first time.”

More details to follow