The ultimate Warwick Ten: Matthew N Smith

Just look at those quads

Next up to get the Warwick Ten treatment is the quad-master Matthew N Smith.


Runner Matthew is a second year studying MORSE and prides himself on his incredible quads, which a friends says are “not only the best in Warwick, but arguably in the entire country”. It’s difficult to argue with that:


Matthew spends a lot of time in the stats building, but naturally feels more at home on the Athletics track. He “also procrastinates with a daily bread oven” apparently. You’ll see him busting moves at Superbad “although the allure of £1 vodka red bulls means frequent Smack visits.” Of course it does. Matthew used to have a shaved head and got compliments about similarities with Wentworth Miller on Prison Break. He was “pretty chuffed” with his nomination, saying: “if I had to name a reason to win, I’d mention my legs. Their my greatest asset.” You said it Matt!