The ultimate Warwick Ten: Shore Delano

Too on fleek to handle

Warwick is infamous for lacking in beautiful people, hence the damning colloquialism “Warwick 10”. Thankfully, a clutch of students are bucking the trend. Here’s another nominee, coming in the shape of the gorgeous Shore Delano.

shore1When the 21-year-old isn’t busy getting her head around Socrates or Plato in Philosophy, you’ll find her showing off some mad skills on the Netball court. However outside of campus, she enjoys blogging and doing her make-up. You’ll see her busting out her best moves on the dance floor of downstairs Smack. Despite the sweaty and pushy people surrounding her, she’s always composed with a Bacardi and Coke in her hand. If it’s been a really long day though, she’ll swap it for a large glass of Rosé. The weirdest compliment Shore has ever received was when a guy came up to her in a club to say that he has “a fetish for black girls.” How delightful. For an ideal date, Shore likes to keep it classy by going to the theatre or being spoiled with some fruity cocktails.

Voting for the Ultimate Warwick Ten will open later this month. If you’d like to nominate someone email [email protected] or message The Tab Warwick Facebook page.