The ultimate Warwick Ten: Sarah Findlay

Apparently she has a really ‘strong tongue’

Warwick is infamous for lacking in beautiful people, hence the damning colloquialism “Warwick 10”. Thankfully, a clutch of students are bucking the trend. One of them is the delightful Sarah Findlay – our second entry for the ultimate Warwick Ten 2016.

sarah wariwck

If the charming 21-year-old English Literature and Film finalist isn’t getting in touch with her inner self through yoga, she also enjoys some equally peaceful horse riding. You’ll catch her busting shapes in downstairs Smack, usually spotted with a G&T in one hand (or maybe even both). Her ideal would be “sailing in a lush yacht with loads of champagne” so make sure you start saving that student loan if you want to be in with a chance. The best compliment she’s ever received was from her dentist, who “told me I had a strong tongue”, while she thought her nomination “must be a rip”. Nice.


Voting for the Ultimate Warwick Ten will open later this month. If you’d like to nominate someone email [email protected] or message The Tab Warwick Facebook page.