We asked you to define what a ‘roadman’ is in one sentence

‘Someone who works for the Highway Agency?’

The term “roadman” has become increasingly popular among edgy students and in Facebook groups. But most people don’t have a clue what it actually means beyond vague references to Stormzy and tracksuit bottoms. Warwick might possibly be the least “road” place in the country (whatever that means), but that didn’t stop us asking you lot to try and set the record straight.

Tamanna Rahman, Second year, Engineer


“Somebody who’s hella swag – I’m basically the definition of a roadman.”

Amber Jackson, First year, English Literature


“Someone completely integrated in where they are, like the generic person of that area.”

Izzy Gatward, First year, German Studies


“Absolutely no idea what that is.”

Daniel Williams, French and Italian


“Like grime artists, or anyone who’s into that genre of music.”

Sophie Moffat, Second year, Spanish and German


“It’s a gangster young person from East London who listens to grime and rap.”

Mitch Darbon, Second year, Modern Foreign Languages


“Someone who works for the Highway Agency?”

Georgia Hurrell, English Literature


“I called my friend that yesterday. Like, they wear trackies and stuff – but not quite like a chav. I feel like it’s only a male thing, like you wouldn’t call a female a roadman.”

Tom Pearson, Engineering


“They wear a bucket cap, and they’re knowledgeable about the local area. They know lots of people, but they wouldn’t stop to chat. Just like ‘hi and bye’, to show that they know lots of people. And they cross the road whenever they like.”

Vanessa Florio, PAIS and German


“They’re a thug, a bit simple, with not a lot of money.”

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