Why Warwick should’ve been your first choice

The bubble is the one

After numerous awards over the last few years, the term Woxbridge is being thrown around more and more. But who really wants to be on the same level as old-fashioned elitists?

Fuck Woxbridge – this is why Warwick should’ve been your first choice, and why we’re all at the mother of all unis.

We know how to have a good time

circle circle circle

circle circle circle

Anyone who knows how to elevate what is essentially sitting in a circle shouting at each other to legendary status is clearly a god among men. Or they’re putting something special in our purple – but either way, Warwick students are clearly doing something right.

We’re also hardcore clubbers being trained in the way of the all-nighter – the unreliability of the U1 may not seem like a good thing, but we are now used to partying through to the daylight hours to get the first bus home. There ain’t no party like a sunrise party.

The bubble is your home

Let's stay forever

Let’s stay forever

People say Warwick students never leave the bubble, that we spend all our time around each other, that everything we need is on campus. And that’s exactly why Warwick is the one. You get to your lectures easily from campus because it’s basically outside your front door. We have the Bread Oven (Subway will never look good again in comparison), we have swans casually wandering about (we’re basically the Queen), we have the Koan – ’nuff said.

Koan is love, Koan is life

Koan is love, Koan is life

It’s bloody beautiful


Have you ever looked outside the window of the fogged-up U1? It’s gorgeous. Mile upon mile of countryside fabulousness – just walking between Lakeside and Cryfield gives you a tour of cows, woods, and, yes, more swans. And then, if you get bored of green, we have a white town that’s basically Kensington minus the London headache. We’re fancy as fuck, own it.

We’re living in the right century

so wavy

So wavy

From bizarre sculptures (Rootes red climbing frame, I’m looking at you) to lit-up glass buildings, Warwick is looking pretty sweet for a fifty-year old. New buildings are springing up on every corner, the interchange is glowing white – never mind a facelift, Warwick is bringing sexy back to campus life.

You’re gonna get a job


Warwick is known across the world. If you somehow missed the millions of banners and social media spam, we’ve been ranked in international rankings multiple times over the last two years in particular. We’re one of the most employable unis in the UK – when school mates are doing application after application at 2am a year after they’ve graduated, Warwick grads will be laughing.