We’re on the hunt for the ultimate Warwick Ten

It’s time to reward the most beautiful guys and girls on campus

Warwick University isn’t exactly known for its attractive students. In fact, sadly Warwick is actually known for its large number of unattractive students, hence the damning colloquialism: “Warwick Ten”.

In response to this, we’re searching high and low to find you the most beautiful and buff students our campus has to offer. Last year Nigel Thrift was voted the hottest guy on campus. While no one can come near Nige’s levels of attractiveness, we reckon there’s some lads and girls out there ready to challenge for 2016’s incarnation.

warick guy

Are you as buff as this guy?

warwick girl

Last year’s winner

If you’re starting to feel bad about the sheer number of modelling agencies you’ve rejected, or know someone who might be, then we’d love to hear from you. These rare beauties deserve some recognition, and this accolade will go some way to making up for the 2:2 on your CV at the end of the year. Drop us a message on our page or email [email protected], with who they are, a photo, and why they should be crowned the ultimate Warwick Ten.