Meet the boys behind the viral video on how to make toast in Rootes

‘We had no work and it was a free afternoon’

It’s a known fact on campus that Rootes is known as the ‘party block’. But this also comes with its bad sides. Rootes is famous for a fire alarm in every waking moment and the freshers are sick of it.

To show the world how Rootes make toast, Reuben and George made a video to teach others of this culinary sensation. With over 1,000 views on their video so far, we asked them a few questions about the video and the all-important recipe guide.

What inspired you to make the video?

George: Drunkenness definitely. One time, our housemate put a waffle in the toaster and then a pitta bread and we couldn’t believe our eyes. We wanted to teach fellow people how to cook toast the Rootes way.

Reuben: We had no work and it was a free afternoon, so we thought why not make it?

George (left), and Reuben (right) were the brainchilds of the Rootes Toast video.

When making the video, did you deliberately set off the fire alarm?

George: I’m so glad you asked us this, No – we used a sound effect.

Reuben: If you listen carefully in the video, you can hear a blip in the audio with the SFX.

Did you have any particular flatmates in mind when creating the video?

Reuben: It wasn’t really targeted to anyone in particular, but it definitely resonates to many people at the moment, a fire alarm happened last night.

George: We did have specific people, but we weren’t really sure who. Nobody owns up to when they burn bread in the toaster. It goes off in different kitchens but we don’t know who it was.

Have you had any cooking disasters in Rootes?

Reuben: No, but pasta doesn’t set off the fire alarm yet. One of our housemates did throw frozen spaghetti Bolognese around the kitchen.

George: Yeah, this housemate throws food together and sawed through frozen food with a bread knife.

Reuben: RAG people have had to help us though when we’ve set the smoke alarm off.

Toasters are now being taken out of Rootes kitchens by resident tutors because there are too many fire alarms

Have your flatmates ever pranked you?

Reuben: One weekend when George was at work, he left his key with another friend so we wrapped all his possessions in Christmas wrapping paper. It took a whole day of work and we used nine full rolls of paper.

George: Oh God it was everywhere. But it made for a wicked photo. I was so ill and tired, and the little pranksters knew me well.

Are you going to create any more videos?

George: We’re thinking of doing something based around the Koan, but we want to keep it on the low down. It wasn’t intended to become a thing.

Reuben: We’ve definitely found an audience, and if it was popular, we’ll do another one for sure.