Coventry somehow ranked one of the best student cities in the world

Yes, you read that right

It might come as a surprise, but lowly Coventry has been ranked one of the best student cities in the world.

A recent ranking by the QS Best Student Cities Guide placed Coventry above Washington DC, Philadelphia and Lisbon – and ranked it the fourth best student city in the UK.

The rankings attributed Cov’s lofty position to “its large student community and strong reputation among graduate employers” as well as vague references to the city’s “several theatres and art galleries”.

Who new a Transport Museum, IKEA the size of Leam and an impossibly confusing bus route amounts to the 44th best student city in the world?

What an inspiring skyline

The QS guide implies students don’t notice crime, or ugly buildings, as much as they notice and value affordability, student mix and employer activity.

Much of the justification for Coventry’s place seems to come from our campus, with both the Arts Centre and Warwick Manufacturing Group being prominently featured.


QS continued: “Coventry’s high rating from graduate employers is likely to reflect both the strong reputation of its universities and the city’s long history of leadership in manufacturing and design.

“Warwick University’s Arts Centre, which houses various performance spaces, galleries and a cinema, is one of the largest arts centers in the UK.

“Coventry has several other theatres and art galleries, and there are a number of large venues in and around the city which are used for both music concerts and major sports events.”

We’re still unsure which theatres, galleries and venues they are referring to.

The real reason you wanna go to Cov

The real reason you wanna go to Cov

QS also claimed Coventry’s 12 per cent student population is a good thing – but seeing as anyone with a right mind would live in Leam, who knows what kind of people are filling up the place.

Anyway, it seems there’s no better time to ditch Leam and embrace Cov.