What did you wear to the end-of-term Christmas party?

Yes, someone went in a Christmas jumper

Universities across the nation are having Christmas balls and parties to celebrate their hard work. Whether it be a glitzy affair, or just about making it out after pre-drinks, these events give everyone their chance to be a Cinderella or a Prince Charming for the night.

We’ve scouted some of the hottest looks seen at Christmas parties this year.

Ceylon Hickman, Cambridge

Ceylon, right, opted for a blue dress

Ceylon, right, got another night out of her 18th birthday dress

Our Christmas formal was actually Hollywood themed this year. I had the perfect dress from my 18th birthday.

Tristan Johnson, Royal Holloway


Tristan, centre, rocks the wingtips

I wore the black velvet blazer because you can only really wear them in the winter. The butterfly bowtie and wingtip shirt were to suit the Black tie event, and the mask was because it was a Masquerade ball.

Samantha Patel, Leeds


Samantha, left, opted for something sparkly

“I wanted something Christmassy so I chose this one as it had green in it, which is super Christmassy. The glitter on the face was to correspond with and add to the sparkle of the glitter theme.”

Lewis Reece-Jones, Chichester


Christmas jumpers make me all festive and they’re just good fun like Christmas should be. I don’t take myself too seriously.

Mischa McKevitt, Nottingham


I picked my dress as it was festive and classy. I love the colour black and who doesn’t love sparkles?

Ellie Reay, Nottingham


Ellie, third from right, with the squad

It’s the only chance I’ve had to wear a nice dress and heels at uni so far.