Why you should write for The Tab Warwick next term

Don’t hate us cos you ain’t us

The Tab Warwick is looking for new writers for our growing team.

We’re not stuffy or worthy, we write about everything in the Warick bubble – things you care about, in a style you want to read.

We’re the first to break big stories on campus, and we’re one of the only platforms left for genuine debate in university.

And we want you. No journalism experience is required, not even a desire to follow a Journalism career after uni. As long as you enjoy writing or being part of a team, that’s all that matters to us.

We also don’t have a preference when it comes to your degree – so whether you’re Journalism, Biosciences or Zoology, we want to hear from you.

Here’s why our writers love us so much:

Rachael Davies – Editor


Why wouldn’t you join when you can look this good in red and white?

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I got involved with the Tab soon after starting uni and since then it has become my main society. As Editor, I know everyone within the team, and I met some of my closest friends through writing. As well as being a friendly group, it’s also a great way to be productive while procrastinating from my actual degree as it’s helped me massively in getting work experience in other papers, both local and larger.

The Tab gives you the freedom to write about what you want and has the clout to give you potentially nationwide readership, allowing you to build an impressive portfolio. Our flexibility means everyone can contribute to the team equally, and it’s honestly one of the most fun things I do with my week.

Alex Ball – Marketing


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It is well worth getting involved with the Tab as we have great contacts in the journalism world, help you get loads of readers and offer training days so you can improve your journalistic skills.  It’s also a really good way to hang out with people who have similar interests.

Working on the Tab together with editors and writers means we can see each other more often socially while doing something productive. It’s great to work for a proper company and to see it grow through your own contributions to it.

Adam Donlon – News Editor


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Writing for the Tab is so much fun. It not only adds another dimension to your CV and skill set but is also incredibly enjoyable and fun to do. For me, the best thing is seeing an article idea you had get published and read by lots of other people. The team at Warwick Tab are so friendly and fun and I’ve made some amazing friends through it.

George Lawlor – Argument Editor


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Why write for the Tab? Well, besides from the fact it gets a lot of views and it’s sometimes funny, it’s also one of the few places left in the university bubble where students actually have a genuine platform. Seriously, where else can you write about the best places to chunder in Cardiff or what Islam means to students or launch your career as an international hate figure? Fuck no platform, and fuck censorship, we’ll write exactly what we want.

Sophie Thomas – Reporter


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I started writing for the Tab at the start of my second year, and even though I’ve only been writing for a short time, I love it. I’ve got my own personal blog, which I publish my thoughts and feelings, and when I was introduced to potentially writing for the Tab, I took up the opportunity straight away.

I really enjoy it as it’s so flexible around your studies. You can do as many or as few articles as you wish. You can also write about whatever topics interest you, so you can build up your own portfolio. The editors at the University of Warwick are great people, and it’s really instilling me with confidence in my own writing.

As a result of writing for the Tab, I’m interested in becoming a journalist, and I hope that writing for the Tab can get me one step closer to that elusive grad job.