On the hunt for Warwick’s best social sec: The boys

These are the men behind your Wednesday night purple

Jordan Fink, Snow Social Sec, Economics and Politics Third Year

warwick snow

Jordan’s on the far right

How did you  become social sec?

So, Warwick Snow elections are in March, I was the snowboarding captain last year and I had already gone through the process before.

The elections are held in the top floor of Kelseys and you have to do a speech, unfortunately I didn’t get to see the speeches of the people who ran against me.

I downed a bottle of wine in seven seconds for my speech.

How does the social scene of your team compare to others?

I think Warwick Snow actually is an interesting one, it’s less forced than traditional rugby or football, we have a couple of non-drinkers, so it’s the best of both worlds and not too much pressure.

What is your best tale from tour?

One couple on tour may have shared a moment in a bubble that was actually bubble number 69, so they had a good time going up the mountain.

How incestuous is your sport?

Obviously a gentleman would never speak about personal experiences.

Who is the biggest player?

We don’t have any single players but Kevin is our dark-skinned green-eyed poster boy.

What’s the worst forfeit you’ve ever had to do?

I’ve had to drink a pint out of a very, very old and smelly snowboard boot that contained many breeds of fungus.

What would be your line of advice to aspiring social secs?

“Make sure everyone gets involved, no matter how you feel get on it, get rowdy.

Craig Naannestad, Men’s Hockey Social Sec, Theatre and Performance Third Year

hockey social sec

How does the social scene of your team compare to others?

I think we are unrivalled really, we’re one of the biggest clubs on campus not only sport wise but also social wise.

What’s your best tale from tour?

Highlights include my tour bus last year, let’s just call it bus B. We caused a lot of head-turning, a lot of debauchery and shenanigans.

How incestuous is your sport?

The ladies club spend a lot of their time trying to get our attention. We get asked out a lot by them. Occasionally our concentration has loosened and there have been weak moments where we have given into the ladies, if you will.

Who is the biggest player?

In terms of on and off the pitch, a difficult one. I would probably say Kane, he is one of our biggest players and is well acquainted with the ladies club.

What’s the worst forfeit you’ve ever had to do?

I was a bit of a naughty second year and as a result I was made to go for a coffee one-on-one with the sort of enforcer of behaviour.

I had to go and have an hour-long coffee with him, when obviously he had poor chat and terrible people skills. It has had a lasting impact in my life…

What’s the worst forfeit you’ve ever made a fresher do?

I gave a fresher a rainbow trout to look after for a week. I went to the fish section and I wanted to spend more than £10, the rainbow trout was a good choice. He had to take him for walks, give him little swims, and wash him.

What would be your line of advice to aspiring social secs?

People will be horrible to you, it’s part of the job, so never take anything personally.

Sam Brook, Football Captain, Economics Third Year

football captain

How did you become social sec?

In football it’s different, we don’t have a social sec but as Captain my role doubles up.

How does the social scene of your team compare to others?

“To be honest I couldn’t really comment on what other teams are like, because Warwick is very inter-club, but we have a really good social scene.”

What is your best tale from tour?

We went on tour last year to the Gran Canaria and we got barred from two of the main clubs for drinking too much. It was one of those nights where you pay £5 for unlimited booze and we drank so much the clubs made a loss – we the drank Gran Canaria dry.

How incestuous is your sport?

No not at all, we have nothing against the women’s football team but the link with women’s football is not very strong. We sit next to netball at circle.

Who is the biggest player?

I feel like I have a weight of power in my hands now… Alex.

What’s the worst forfeit you’ve ever had to do?

Upon becoming club captain, you have a drinking challenge , so I had 10 pints within the space of 20 minutes. I was sick.

What would be your line of advice to aspiring social secs?

Be as confident in your decisions as possible, if anyone shows any doubt in your punishments or decision in anything, circle becomes hard to manage. Be as convincing as possible: even if a game is wrong if you can convince them it’s right, it saves it.

Lucas Letellier, Rowing Social Sec, International Business Second Year

rowin social sec

Lucas, left, enjoying the Henley Royal Regatta

How does the social scene of you team compare to others?

I’d say that rowing don’t organise socials in the same way as other sport clubs do. The main sports like hockey and football go circling every week but we can’t because of our training requirements.

We try to organise one social a week in term one but when it comes to race season we can’t.

What’s your best tour tale?

This is going to make us sound boring: we don’t actually go on tour, we go on camp. The point of camp is to get more fit so we organise socials that involve singing and eating games rather than drinking. For example, who can fit the most Soreen in their mouth.

We aren’t actually that exciting.

What has been your biggest fuck up as social sec?

The second week of the start of the uni year we organise a big circle with everyone who is interested in joining the club and the seniors.

This year it was both a success and a fuck up as we were meant to circle in Bar Fusion but there were too many people. 150 people turned up and we had to circle outside, so a success for us but also a fuck up and a stressful moment for me because I had to organise these circles in the cold and rain.

How incestuous is your sport?

I don’t want to answer that question, I don’t want to say yes or no. I don’t know what to base the answer on.

Who is the biggest player?

No, I would rather not answer that.

What’s the worst forfeit you’ve ever made a fresher do?

I’m not a very awful social sec, I’m not very mean.

What would be your line of advice to aspiring social secs?

Keep your relationship with the coach on good terms. It’s really hard for us social secs in rowing as we will never make the coach happy because they don’t want to disadvantage our training.”