Warwick campaigners have written to the UN to tackle climate change

Something must be done

Committed campaigners from a range of Warwick societies have sent an open letter to the UN Conference being held in Paris today to lobby for action on climate change.

Warwick Labour and Cooperative Society, Fossil Free Warwick University, Warwick for Free Education as well as other political societies sent the letter to the representatives from just under 200 countries.

The conference’s aim is to deliver a new climate change agreement that will keep the rise in global temperature under two degrees celsius. Scientists see this as a necessary change in order to avoid disastrous impacts on the planet in future years.

Seeking environmental change is nothing new for these societies. Recently, Fossil Free Warwick successfully called for the removal of BP off campus.

Fossil Free 1

One of the organisers of the open letter said Warwick Labour were the initiators of the project. After this, Warwick Labour, Fossil Free and Warwick Education teamed together.

The organiser also said: “The interest surrounding the open letter has picked up with more and more people at the university fighting against climate change”.

Sabbatical Officer Nat Panda is one person who has become involved. He said: “Action on climate change is long overdue. The effects of climate change are already being felt by those most vulnerable in the world and most marginalised in our society”.

The heartfelt letter says: “Climate change is one of the biggest challenges our generation faces. Global temperatures have increased by nearly one degree since the Industrial Revolution, accompanied by the most rapid increase of CO2 in recorded history.

Warwick Labour have been extremely busy campaigning and creating the open letter.

“One in six species are already under threat from human effects.. without action we could see extinction on a mass scale… which may have been caused by global warming”.

Further up to date information on the conference can be found here.