The terrible selfies we should ban in 2016

#gym #gains #gohardorgohome

Selfies have overtaken our Instagram feeds and Snapchat stories. Are they narcissistic? Some types of selfie just cannot be accepted any more. In 2016, let’s all make an effort to leave these pics behind for good.

The gym selfie


I be up in the gym, just working on my fitness

Oh, you go to the gym like every other uni boy out there? You’re all about the gains? You got some new protein powder? Bulking season already over? Fucking congratulations, mate.

I also really had no idea where you were with that mysterious #gym hashtag, so thank you so much for tagging your location and clearing that up for me. I’m forever grateful.

This is probably the selfie which pisses everybody off most. Additionally, the “before and after”/ “transformation Tuesday” selfies just aren’t doing it for us either. Could you do us all a favour and keep it to yourself next time?

The ‘I’m studying’ selfie


You can’t really properly start studying until you’ve sent out your precious Snapchat proving you’re a successful student, and 100 times better than all your other class mates.

That might not be reflected in your grades, but hey, at least 75 people saw it on your Snapchat story.

Mirror selfies with your iPad

Please, for everyone’s sakes, and mostly your own: STOP. It’s just wrong.

Half-face selfies


Are you joking? Where is the rest of your face? What’s wrong with the other half?

It’s mostly girls who are guilty of this one. These same girls are usually guilty of the “I’m going to cover my face with my hand” selfie. You look dumb. #dumb.

The ‘I woke up like this’ and ‘Girl waving hand’ emoji in the caption


Will anyone realise I didn’t actually wake up like this?

There’s no way you woke up with your eyeliner perfectly winged and your hair perfectly sprawled across the pillow like that. YOU DIDN’T WAKE UP LIKE THIS.

Either do this selfie properly (i.e. reveal your troll origins) or don’t do it at all. It’s a massive insult to the fabulousness of the waving hand emoji.


Aka I look so much cuter than most days so here’s a pic. These are probably okay every now and again. I would also quite like to know where that skirt is from. But everyday? Are you a fashion blogger? No.

Selfies where you’ve obviously cropped your friend out

But whose hand is that?

“Absolutely cannot stand other people being in my profile pic, so I’ve awkwardly zoomed in to crop them out. Although it looks shit, at least my significantly better-looking friend isn’t drawing attention away from me in it.

“Also, I’m going to now proceed to plaster this photo over all my social media pages.”


Seasonal selfies


Sorry, I didn’t realise you were included with the weather update on Snapchat. As you were.

Alcohol selfies


Young wild ‘n’ free

You’re so cool. You go girl, you do you! Just don’t do the selfie.

I’m sure you’re pretty crazy at your pre-drinks, and I agree, you probably won’t remember anything tomorrow. Please, just don’t do the selfie.

Selfies with your food


“Look at this fantastic nutritious healthy snack I had today. I’m so together, and in control of all things in my life right now. So zen. I also do yoga.”

It’s a banana. Stop.