Why campus unis are better than the rest

No one wants to leave the Warwick Bubble

Freshers every year, caught up in the buzz and excitement of campus life, don’t seem to notice when it’s term two and they haven’t actually left campus yet. While people may judge Warwick campus for being its own bubble, is that really so bad? Here’s why campus unis are great.

Everything is close enough to crawl to

So you’re hungover and walking to a lecture. You’re only going because you’ve consecutively missed the last two and your tutor sent you that sarcy email asking if you’re still alive. On campus, there’s no need to worry about the bustling noise of heavy traffic, horns honking and people shouting, which is probably going to make you want to cry. The only noise you’ll hear is the voice in your head abusing you for ordering those tequila shots – and maybe the geese as well.


No one cares if you turn up looking like Shrek

Having one of those days when you really can’t be bothered with your appearance? Who cares? No potentials other than Warwick students are going to see you for the whole day, so unless you’ve got a library bae you want to impress, or you’re hoping you’ll bump into your soulmate on the piazza, you wear that jogging-bottom and sweatshirt combo with pride.

The Bubble has everything you want and more

Another great thing about being on a campus is everything you could ever need is in the vicinity. Meeting up with friends couldn’t be easier, considering everyone knows where everything is on campus (except the Flexigrid – is that even a real place?) Even when you’re desperate for a bangin’ new outfit, the bookshop on campus has a lovely selection of hoodies and t-shirts, pyjamas too if you’re feeling particularly pretentious, all with the oh-so sexy campus logo.

warwick jumper

Warwick Chic #notamodel

If you’re peckish, all you have to do is look around. There are so many places to eat on campus with such a variety of food choices, whether it be a knock-off Subway, sushi, jacket potato, or a chicken-that-doesn’t-really-taste-like-chicken wrap from one of the cafés. Hungry after dark? We have our own kebab van people, what else do you need from life?

kebab van

Michelin star gourmet food

It’s our own private world – no adults allowed

Having a campus uni also means important protests can be held in a safe and secure manner, allowing everyone to join in (even the police on occasion). More to the point, it means we can stage protests around innovative (and arguably bizarre) architecture, such as the almighty Koan. City unis just don’t have the ability to hold a structure which has the power to unite all of its students in the same level of love and worship like ours does. Without campus there would be no Koan, and that’s a life I don’t even want to consider.


Koan is love, Koan is life

So yes, we might be in the middle of nowhere and surrounded by fields. And yes, the bus ride to the nearest bit of excitement off campus is an average of 30 minutes. But we’ve got everything we need right here in our Warwick campus bubble. Apart from a McDonalds.