Smack’s owner is taking over another Leamington nightclub

It’s Rio’s

Smack owner Steve Smith is expanding his monopoly on Leamington’s nightlife and taking over Rio’s.

Chris Donnachie, the current owner of Rio’s nightclub, which is situated on Bedford Street, is retiring after three decades of running the nightclub.

Photo courtesy of Jon Mullis/Leamington Observer

Photo courtesy of Jon Mullis/Leamington Observer

Chris has owned the keys to the club since 1984 – an incredible 31 years. The first club owner to introduce CCTV into the town, Chris is finally packing his bags and leaving the nightclub behind.

Chris started out as a policeman, then moved to the pub industry and later moved to Leamington with his girlfriend in the 1980s where he then came to own the nightclub.

Despite Rio’s lack of outstanding success, Chris says the key to success is consistency. He adds: “I think the fact the club hasn’t changed hands every few years has also helped maintain that consistency.

“It’s been an incredible ride and I’m grateful to everyone for their help – taxi drivers, the police, the Street Pastors – but most importantly, the customers.

“They have been what have kept the club going all this time and thanks to them, I now have memories that will last a lifetime.”

But what does this mean for the future of Rio’s? Steve Smith currently runs Moo Bar, Neon, The Duke and Smack – and now Rio’s.

Smack, the scene of many a pull

Leamington is definitely being taken over by Steve, but if the success of Smack and Neon is anything to go by then Rio’s nightclub will undoubtedly follow in the same vein of success.