What to wear for every Warwick night out

Get your legs out for Smack

What you wear to a club can be extremely important, especially when you’ve got a big night planned or you’re in desperate need of a full length selfie because it’s been months since you last posted one. Deciding what to wear can sometimes take up a week’s worth of thinking space, which you should probably be putting towards your degree instead.


Pop is probably the easiest night out in terms of what to wear because you can wear literally anything and get away with it. Most of the people are in some form of fancy dress from their circling theme anyway, so who really cares? Your social secs will be deciding for you.

Plus, if you’re at Pop and you’re not plastered to the point where a five looks like a 10, are you even Popping properly? The Copper Rooms is definitely not the place for anything you really like or don’t want to get ruined. Prepare for whatever you wear to be sweat-coated and purple-splattered.


High end fashion


Sweat-absorbent clothing is a must. Smack is probably the sweatiest of the clubs, as you can tell from the liquid dripping down the walls. Especially if you’re a fan of the downstairs room, short sleeves or no sleeves is the way to go.

For boys, it doubles as an opportunity to show off the guns after arm day at the gym. Girls, get those legs out because tights are only going to make the situation worse. You’ll embrace the cold outside after being in there, trust me.


They’re gonna regret those tights


It’s more spacious in Kasbah, so you could get a bit more skin on show without having to question if it’s your sweat or someone else’s you can feel. If you’re thinking about dressing up, you can totally get away with it without looking out of place, but the general consensus is keep it somewhat casual because at the end of the day, it’s only Cov.


Keepin’ it casual


Arguably the most casual of them all. Jeans and a top or t-shirt is the general look for Switch-goers, but it’s also a great place for experimenting with a different look. You can definitely get away with wearing wavey garms here.


Wavey indeed



Long sleeves = class masters

Probably the classiest of the clubs if you ignore the “You make my cock hard” sign, Neon is the place to dress to impress. A rolled-up sleeve shirt with a nice pair of trousers, or a dress and heels will mean you’ll fit right in, though by all means sparkle it up. Skirts long or short, tops with sleeves or none, the options are all there. The only thing to be wary of is trying not to get Vialli’s grease on your £30 outfit afterwards.