Societies and sports teams can now hire their own Stagecoach buses

It’s still a U1 but it’s the 1 for U

Societies and sports teams will now be able to hire buses for nights out.

The agreement between the SU and Stagecoach means a society planning a night out in Leamington can now arrange for buses to pick them up and drop them off in advance.

Normal bus prices will apply, which means the journey will cost you nothing extra if you have a bus pass. Singles will cost £2.70 and returns £3.60.

Stagecoach haven’t exactly helped themselves out recently. The start of term saw hundreds of students being unable to get onto campus for their lectures and seminars. The new arrangement should see relations between the bus company and the university improve.

Societies Officer George Creasy has said he’s “absolutely chuffed” Stagecoach are willing to arrange extra buses for individual clubs and societies to accommodate for demand.

Forget sharing a bus, you'll be able to hire a U1 with all your friends!

Forget Trinity Taxis, from now on, we’ll actually be hailing the U1

Needless to say, society organisers will now have a much easier job of putting socials together. Chris Poon from Music Theatre Society Warwick said: “Being able to hire out a bus would make it a lot more efficient for cast after-parties and socials.”

Kerim Wiltshire from WarwickSnow said: “Due to the distinct lack of mountains in the area, Warwick Snow have to take up a hobby other than skiing until their Christmas Tour. This is, of course, organising huge socials in Leamington. Free buses will mean more of what they do best and more accessible socials for Freshers.”

Sophie Hughes from Warwick Rowers said: “This is a very kind offer from Stagecoach which we will definitely make the most of for future events like our ball.”

To order your own bus, you’ll need to contact Richard Hands at Stagecoach and inform him of how many people you’re expecting and a strict time to get the bus. Stagecoach ask for at least a week’s notice from anyone looking to book.