Rave organisers apologise after police shut event down

The venue was a fitness centre

The organisers of Bloop’s Halloween rave have issued an apology after police shut the party down after just three hours.

Ravers were dancing away in the basement of Freedom Fitness Warwick when police officers showed up.

The unusual venue was a last minute fill-in when the initial plans for a rave in the forest fell through.

Bloop said: “Having the land owner of the forest pull out on the day and causing such a problem meant we had to find a solution with limited time.

“We’d just like to thank everyone who stayed with us and enjoyed what we managed to put together under the circumstances.”


Prior to the rave attendees were given no information other than its date, time and that it would be a rave in a forest. On the morning of the event, ticket holders received a text containing the postcode of the original venue.

However, midway through the day, Bloop announced the original plan was to be scrapped. At the time it was blamed on police interference.

Hours before the event began another text was sent round providing ravers with the postcode for Freedom Fitness Warwick.


On arrival the bouncers ushered guests downstairs to a basement bar which had been padded out with decks and Halloween décor.

The atmosphere picked up as time progressed and more people arrived.

The party was in full flow when police arrived after only three hours and on their arrival the event was quickly shut down.

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In spite of the night being cut short, Bloop said: “We now look forward to the next big one and will keep everyone updated on our social media.”

This isn’t the first time Warwickshire Police have been involved in the shutting down of parties in the last year. The Tab also covered the shut down of the Brunswick Sound launch night in March.