Warwick postgrad won’t go to prison for taking pictures up women’s skirts

He denied any wrongdoing

A Warwick postgrad, who was found guilty last month of taking pictures up women’s skirts at a wedding, has avoided a prison sentence.

Collin Lieberg, 34, was found guilty of outraging public decency at the Old Bailey last month.

He will have to complete a community sex offenders’ group programme, as well as serve a three year community order and remain under supervision.

Collin was spotted by guests and CCTV angling his mobile phone under female guests’ skirts at a wedding reception in July last year.

Lieberg - "change your attitudes and urges” says judge. Facebook

The judge told Collin to change his attitudes and urges

Despite avoiding a prison sentence, Judge Christine Henson QC said there remained a risk of him causing serious harm to adult women.

She said: “These women felt violated by your actions and suffered a degree of emotional stress.

“It was a gross invasion of privacy of these women and your actions were a violation and form of harassment which left these women feeling vulnerable in public spaces in the future.

“The interests of the public and women in particular would be best served by requiring you to undergo therapy to change your attitudes and urges.

The Warwick PhD student denied any wrongdoing in court, blaming his erratic movements on a nervous twitch, and said he had used his phone that evening only to check social media and sports apps.

He and his wife were among 140 guests at the wedding reception, having been invited by the bride Hannah, a fellow Warwick PhD student.