Boar hold floral-themed social at Kelsey’s to protest decision to refuse second year entry

Two weeks earlier Shingi Mararike’s wasn’t allowed in because of his flowery trousers

Writers for The Boar held a “floral Fridays” social at Kelsey’s last week, to protest the decision to forbid their Sports Editor entry for wearing floral-print trousers.

On Friday night, over 30 student journalists turned up at the Leamington bar in their most flowery attire to show solidarity for Sports Editor Shingi Mararike.

Shingi, a second-year English Literature student, was turned away by the bar’s bouncers two weeks ago because of his colourful attire. At the time, he’d been trying to join another social which was inside.

Mararike was told to “smarten up” by the bouncers and refused entry.

Shingi in his daring trousers

When hearing of Shingi’s experience, Boar writers arranged a protest social named “On Fridays we wear Floral”. Attendees were invited to wear their finest flower-printed clothes in order to challenge what was perceived to be an unfair and arbitrary door policy.

Wearing flower garlands and Hawaiian shirts, members of the Boar arrived on Friday to circle in Kelsey’s popular basement, much to the apparent bemusement of staff.

Mararike was thrilled with the large turnout, after what he described as “one of the greatest tragedies in Boar history, a flora-fuelled moment of injustice I still haven’t recovered from.”

The floral-fond student was grateful for the Boar’s solidarity with his plight. He said: “Meeting with my Boar pals and getting smashed in floral went some way to healing those scars.”


Shingi’s friends wearing their finest floral wear

The reasons for Shingi being turned away remain unclear as nobody attempted to stop any Boar members from entering on Friday. One of the social’s organisers, Connor O’Shea, said: “We wore floral, Kelsey’s let us in, so the question remains: why was Shingi rejected for wearing his floral trousers?”

The bouncers responsible were unavailable for comment.