YouTube star Ronnie Pickering cancels Kasbah appearance


Ronnie Pickering of road rage fame cancelled his appearance at Kasbah last night.

The YouTube star, who has racked up an impressive 1.6 million views, allegedly backed out after many complained they didn’t know who he was.

In response to the recent backlash at booking Ronnie Pickering, Kasbah wrote on their Facebook page: “Fridays are a hands in the air, singalong, end of the week party night and the emphasis is purely on fun and cheese.

“The people we book reflect that and don’t take themselves too seriously either, as Chuckle Brothers showed last week and S Club the week before.”

Do you know how I am? I'm Ronnie Pickering

Do you know how I am? I’m Ronnie Pickering

Ronnie Pickering, 51, is from Bransholme in Hull and a former amateur boxer. He recently claimed his five seconds of fame after a user posted a video on YouTube showing his dramatic road rage.

In the video –  to thousands of people’s amusement – Ronnie can be seen to be swearing aggressively at a motor cyclist.

The video sees him shouting “Do you know who I am? I’m Ronnie Pickering” and currently has over a million hits.

Second year English Literature student, Kanika Banwait said: “I’m not really going to make the effort to go to Kasbah if all I’m going to see is the Chuckle Brothers, for example.

“But then again, I don’t really go out to a club to see celebrities anyway.”

French and German student, Nadia Barzargan, added: “I don’t see much appeal in most of the ‘celebrity’ guest Kasbah books.

“When you’ve got a BBQ garden and face painting, you don’t need much else. I can understand why it works well though, the concept is pretty funny.”