Warwick asks for donations to help with refugee scholarships

The donations will help with living costs

Penny-pinching Warwick has asked for public donations to help fund the 20 scholarships promised to Syrian refugees earlier this summer.

The donations will be put towards the living costs of the students and people can chip in on the university’s “Giving to Warwick” webpage.

Ten scholarships worth £25,000 each will be provided this academic year for those escaping conflict in countries such as Syria, alongside a further ten in 2016/17.

The scholarships were originally announced in late September as a response to growing concern about the Syrian refugee crisis.

Campus 8

Where refugees may soon be able to call home

The gesture of goodwill was accompanied by a letter from Nigel Thrift and Students’ Union President Isaac Leigh which said: “Some of our friends in the Warwick community are here because this country welcomed them when they needed support.

“We must continue this tradition, for refugees can – and do – become leaders, be it in medicine, academia, politics and more.”

However, the decision to pledge £500,000 over the next two years towards scholarships for refugees seems less generous now the public are being asked to share the cost.

A university spokeswoman told the Coventry Telegraph: “We are grateful to any members of the public who offer support towards the refugees’ living costs which will be on top of what the university will be providing in education, accommodation and further living costs.

“Even a donation of a pound or two will enhance what we are providing.”