From missed flights to dodgy bowels: What went wrong on your holiday?

Some people shouldn’t be allowed to travel

Everyone’s back from their glamorous trips to L.A., soul-changing pilgrimages to India, and messy ones in Amsterdam, but do we really mean it when we say they’re glad they had a brilliant time? We asked you what went wrong this summer, and every horror story made us feel a little better about a summer wasted on Netflix and pyjamas.

Alick, Warwick Co-editor of The Tab, English and Creative Writing


“In Cyprus I went to the beach in my pulling poncho. I was really excited to woo the ladies. I was gutted when it turned out it was a nudist beach and no ponchos were allowed. It was so embarassing. It was weird though: even when I was naked people looked at me as though I should have been embarrassed.”

Kathy, second year, History


“I went to Japan, and when I was in the airport I got stopped to be checked. When I was searched they stripped off most of my clothes. It was pretty bad but the worst part was I was wearing Hello Kitty underwear.”

India, Literature and Film


“I was in holiday in Barcelona and got a bit drunk, so drunk I walked into a lamppost. The next thing I knew I had woken up and was with a bunch of Scottish people. I’m from New Zealand so I had no idea what they were saying. I found them very exotic though.”

Joe, first year, Civil Engineering


“I went out on results night and got very drunk. I got back to the hotel 15 minutes before I had to get on my plane. Never pack when you’re drunk: turns out you leave everything, but especially your dignity.”

Shore & Hester, netballers


Shore and Hester told me what went wrong on the netball tour. Shore said: “Our coach transfer messed up so it arrived at the time we were actually supposed to be at the airport. When we got there it was like Love Actually crossed with Fight Club. We were running through the airport, pushing each other to the floor. People nearly got left behind. It was dog eat dog. Netball teaches you mad dodging skills though.”

Hamish, third year, History


“I took my girlfriend’s passport by mistake. I tried to get people to call me Madeleine but it didn’t work.”

Sam, first year, Maths and Physics


“My mate threw a flipflop into our really hot neighbours’ garden. He broke in by climbing over a fence and ripped his trousers. It came across really creepy. Did I mention they were sunbathing?”

Faraz, third year, Maths


“I got drunk and thanked some Turkish locals for inventing Turkey. As in poultry. I shouldn’t be allowed to travel.”

Alex, English and French


“I didn’t do enough research and the hotel I booked wasn’t actually in the country I was going to. And they say clever people go to Warwick.”

Phil, third year, English


“My nameless friend shat himself.”